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A story can change people,
in a good way.

This is a long long story. Thousands and hundreds of years ago, there was an ancient superior god, who was the son of the sun. And there was a vicious demon, he was transformed by the biggest stone in the purple river far away from the sun, and he was the strongest evil man. The two men met and fell in love with each other. However, they were both male and represented different sources of power. The sun got furious when he heard this, he locked his son inside the sun. The demon cannot find his love, so he tried to cross the empty space between the sun and the purple river. But the sun could burn his body. He transformed thousands and hundreds of stones and built a bridge to the sun. With each step he walked further, he would melt a bit more. One day, he was as close as possible to the sun, and finally, he saw his love again. They both cried. But the demon only has one breath left. The son of the sun was heartbroken, and he asked what he can do to save him. The demon man said: “I just want you to love me in our next life again…” The son of the sun responded: “From next life, I will be a girl, to love, love you…” The sun was even angrier when he saw this, he set a life-death loop for the two. In each of their lives, they fall in love and die for each other… In the next thousands and hundreds of years, the two open up a new world, create humans, and build up a fabulous human world. But in each life, they are cursed by the love death spells and cannot be together for long. The two never regret, just more and more, cherished what they have.

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